Asynchronous Payouts

Callback for Asynchronous Payout

Asynchronous disbursements return a response indicating transaction is still being processed.

When transaction is completed, a callback notification is triggered. Notification is sent to an endpoint on your server or environment. Callback type is HTTP POST or GET and passes any combination of the fields below

  • {ref} - Your Transaction Reference

  • {status} - Transaction Status as completed or failed

  • {message} - Status message indicating state of transaction

  • {amount} - Transaction Amount

  • {currency} - Transaction Currency

These values are available in request body of the callback sent to you, request body is passed as x-www-form-urlencoded, based on the http method selected.

Typically you would update the transaction status on your end or complete a service delivery based on the response received.

Confirming Success

To determine a successful transaction based on the data received in the callback, check for the value:

"status" : "completed"