Batch Payouts

Callback for Batch Payout

When batch disbursements are requested, initial response indicates the batch payout has been received and/or queued for processing.

When processing starts, each payout in the batch is executed separately. A callback notification is also triggered for each payout, sending transaction details for the specific payout processed. Each callback is sent to an endpoint on your server or environment. Callback type is HTTP POST and includes the data below:

  • {responsecode} - Response code indicating state of transaction

  • {responsemessage} - Status message indicating state of transaction

  • {ref} - Your Transaction Reference

  • {uniquereference} - Moneywave Transaction Reference

  • {callbackCode} - Optional code passed for verification

This data is available as an array of form values in the request body of the callback sent.

Confirming Success

To determine a successful transaction based on the data received in the callback, check for the value:

"responsecode" : "00"